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Air Purifier

AirMaster Mini


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Disinfection Stick

Natural Disinfection Stick


Mobework Natural Disinfection Stick The self-made natural disinfection water is non-irritating to the human body, saves money, is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and manufactures live disinfection water and hypochlorous acid disinfection solution anytime and anywhere. ✅Three intelligent and versatile modes ✅ up to 99% disinfection ✅ 5 minutes mode for self-made disinfection spray ✅ 15 [...]

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✅Efficiency ✅Versatility ✅Waterproof ✅USB Charging ✅Portable

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  • Reduce Mobile positive electric radiation
  • Reduce pollutants (e.g. dust, germs, smoke, pollen and PM2.5)
  • Combat seasonal allergens
  • International safety testing and certification (MSDS, ROHS, CE, FCC, UN38.3, SGS…etc.)